Friday, June 13, 2014

Sorry to tell you Google. It’s you, not me.

What had started as a promising love story a couple of years back does not work anymore.

I might have been late to realize it, but you were ignoring me for too long.

Today was finally the day.

What happened you might ask?

Simple, I wanted to show a new acquaintance that I just had met while waiting for my wife in a cafe what my company is doing. 

Since I am not always logged into my account on my phone due to privacy concerns, I wanted to search my company name to show the video of one of our latest apps.

And you failed me.

What started of as an innocuous search ended in a series of topless male wrestlers. 

The Awkwardness.

Where on earth is the term TENRYU the same as TENQYU ? I understand, there are probability measures etc that drive your algorithm. But that's what I mean by "it's you".

Your algorithm does not sufficiently well distinguish between a typing error and a no so popular search term.

Therefore, I deleted all my videos that I had uploaded to youtube and moved to Vimeo. 

Good riddance.