Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Welcome ParkerMeister to the tenqyu family !

It is with our great delight that we can give you an update in regards to the wonderful developments tenqyu has experienced over the last few months.

Among these were the introduction of our new Augmented Reality App “ParkerMeister” which will be available in the Singapore App Store very soon.

ParkerMeister fulfills a very basic requirement in a smooth and efficient way.

                 “Where is a convenient parking spot around me?”

ParkerMeister solves this problem by presenting an easy to read display of real-time location relative parking lot data to the user as a light-weight layer over the real-world.

It is as easy as taking a picture” were among the many positive remarks from an exclusive  focus-group testing the application during our pre-launch party at the Botanic Gardens in Singapore last Saturday (28th September 2013).

Regarding Qyu:
Next in line will be another fascinating update for our application ‘Qyu’ which will hit the streets of Asia towards the end of 2013.

With this new version, Augmented Reality and Mobile Urban Exploration will walk hand-in-hand towards an unprecedented level of gamified customer engagement.

Among the many new features within the rollout of 1.2 we will see
  1. Augmented loyalty cards and scavenger hunts.
  2. Multi-media supported customer interactivity (feedback and survey’s).
  3. Lucky draw and build your own adventure type quests.

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