Saturday, June 15, 2013

Mobile Urban Exploration : Furniture Mall Singapore (Surprising spoiler: It was boring)

Gotta buy cheap dining chairs and have fun in the process. 
Problem No. 1: When we moved from Tokyo we didn’t bring dining chairs. The main reason might be that we didn’t have them to begin with. One of the side effects of the space limitations of Tokyo.
But alas, they new ones had to be awesome! (And cheap...)

Problem No. 2: The having fun part. Usually, furniture shopping is quite some drag; slowly strolling from one shop to the next haggling for prices with sales rep’s having varying degrees of motivation to support, finding matching colors, measuring the comfortableness, and find a balance with the families opinion and the wallet.

I would wish there is something that could make this exercise more interesting.

So out of my boredom, I bootstrapped a quick ..behold! “quest for the coolest code”.

Oh mighty prince thee thy your task:

  1. Search for every QR-Code you can find. (The more hidden and difficult to access the better)
  2. The shittier the underlying asset (website, document, etc) the more points.
  3. To varying degrees add beer.

Since I there was no beer and I had to drive, I had to endure a mass exodus of braincells from the pointlessness of scanning QR-Codes.

In total: After running around for two (2 !!) hours. I found 5 QR Codes. 

None of them were awesome.

To summarize a.k.a The three graces.

Place 3:

This was actually quite aggressively marketed at several locations and brings you directly to a download landing page. It might be me, but seriously, do you really expect me to download the app because your “Best deals in your pocket” seems to be so  unbelievable enticing. In addition, judging from the location and outline of the offer it felt strongly like being courted by a dodgy pusher.

Place 2:

So the AOL keyword of this decade is the Facebook page. 

I get it. 

Having cancelled my Facebook account years ago (yes, I am that of a hipster), I will probably never experience the inherent satisfaction of “linking” a Sofa store. 

Of course, not having all of these great offers in my inbox would be massively great. No need to mention that the sale was more likely extended because the warehouse was still full with unsold stock. But that would just be an uneducated guess. 

Note to self: Refrain from guessing uneducated.

...and finally. It is time to crown the winner of the day. Cue, ahem, Qyu the drum-roll.

Place 1:

You are seriously linking to a PDF on mobile?!! What ? It might be too late to sound like a complete douche-bag, but this was something a little bit unexpected.

Of course, I had to open that link. Left disappointed.


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