Tuesday, January 31, 2012

1.2.12, Is this thing on?

Ladies and Gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that, after one year of hard work, I can announce the kick-off for this wonderful platform which will guide us to keep you informed about the ongoing developments at Tenqyu. 

It is simply stunning how humanity has developed these extremely powerful tools; enabling everyone to publish and communicate with great speed and efficiency. 

A speed and efficiency that is only matched by our promise to deliver our highest level of service quality to you.

Our promise for service quality is embedded on three strong pillars of commitment.

1. Simple
2. Elegant, and
3. Useful

Into every product we develop, we embed the notion of simplicity and focus on guiding the customer experience.

For all our products, it means that they need to be understandable and usable without any manual or instructions.

Our products are as simple as they have to be; but not more.

For each of our products we believe that a simple and clean seed will enable us to grow each product into a successful tree.

For each of our products we think, design, test, think, re-iterate, until we believe that the quality standard that our customers require has been met.

We believe that elegance is an expression of operational discipline.

In most modern larger corporations, it has become a habit to focus on the "quick fixes" which leads to a degradation in morale and operational effectiveness.

We at Tenqyu believe that inelegant solutions lead to sloppiness and clutter.

We at Tenqyu believe striving for the most elegant solution is the ultimate expression of autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Every employee at Tenqyu has the responsibility to master the product he or she is controlling and is given the autonomy to make his or her product the best solution for the given problem.

At Tenqyu we define useful as “serving a purpose to a positive effect for the customer and the company.”

We believe that products that are useful do provide sufficient benefit to the customer and the company. Therefore, we employ stringent quality control and customer satisfaction analytics to ensure that we provide the ultimate experience to the customer.

We at Tenqyu believe that when these criteria are met we can give you a pleasant experience.

And this is what we stand for:  For pleasant living.

Jan Daniel Semrau

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